What is the best HGH supplement?

Human growth hormone has gotten a bad rap in the media. The injectable HGH is what did it, I think. Injectable HGH is very potent and best used when there is a genuine health problem, it isn’t supposed to be used for bodybuilding. People have used injectable HGH and have become dependent on it for life. Because it was used for bodybuilding, dependence was created. This is why doctors are now loath to inject it for bodybuilding purposes.

Doctors will no longer inject HGH just because you want to do bodybuilding. Doctors now reserve HGH injections for those with serious health problems, mainly. What is more about injections, they cost 25 dollars per shot and you have to have 3 shots a day. This can go over $2000 a month for this. Plus, insurance and health plans don’t cover injections. So, you would want to look at supplements, instead of injections.
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