HGH Supplements

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is an anabolic hormone which is primarily responsible for many functionalities pertaining to various factors in a human being like energy, activeness, youthful appearance, beauty, immunity, resilience, sexual drive, etc.

These hormones are naturally secreted in the brain’s pituitary gland.

However, with age, their secretion goes on decreasing naturally thereby bringing about visible differences in a person, especially ageing.

After middle age the level of HGH in the body decreases at a drastic rate of 14% per decade. No wonder problems like weight gain, sexual drive-out, acne, bone tenderness, decrease in leanness of bones, lack of immunity, excess fatigue, etc spring up at an immense rate.

So, it is evident that nobody would really want to let their HGH level go down.

The Benefits of HGH

Since quite a long time ago, the concept of HGH has become well-known among the common people.

Everybody nowadays knows something or the other about this revitalizing hormone. However, in case your knowledge is way too foggy, here is a compact list of the general benefits of HGH:

  • Increased denseness of bones
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • Reduction of stubborn body fats
  • Better cardiac functions
  • Better kidney functions
  • Better moods
  • Enhanced activeness and energy
  • Increased capacity of exercising
  • Reduced rate of aging
  • Prevention and reduction of wrinkles
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Better memory retentiveness
  • Increased sex drive and sexual sensitivity
  • Improved fertility and production of sperms and eggs
  • Better resilience
  • Stronger immunity
  • Better metabolism
  • Better sleep
  • Overall better physical and mental fitness

Risks Involved and How to Eliminate Them

Buying random HGH supplements involve a lot of risks.

And this goes far beyond the price factor. Because these supplements are supposed to alter your body’s natural rate of growth hormone secretion, it should be done only for the good.

Improper altering may lead to dangerous side-effects.

Go for the popular ones that guarantee quality and safety. The ingredients that are present in the HGH supplements must be clinically proven to be HGH level increasers.

To avoid buying inferior supplements, do a proper research and check for the following factors:

  • Reputation of the company
  • Long-term gains
  • Additional gains
  • Ingredients
  • Side-effects mentioned
  • Guarantee of effectiveness
  • Support
  • Price
  • Shipping cost
  • Easiness of ordering
  • Customer response and reviews

Best 3 HGH Supplements

The most popular HGH products we could find on the internet are GenF20 Plus, HGH Advanced and GenFX.

The companies who manufacture these products have been around for several years and often offer free shipping and/or a money back guarantee.

Since these are well known products the reliability of these companies is very good. They all want to maintain their reputation in this competive market so they want to avoid any negative feedback and will serve their customers very well.


GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus is a quality HGH releaser which contains amino acids, nutrients and peptides to restore the body’s natural HGH level.

GenF20 Plus doesn’t require a prescription and can be obtained at the original manufacturer’s website.

The ingredients of GenF20 Plus are carefully chosen and is a special blend of nutrients that make you feel the anti-aging effects in a couple of weeks.

The manufacturer of GenF20 Plus even offers to try the product risk free for 60 days (2 kits).

Visit the Official GenF20 Plus Website here

HGH Advanced

HGH Advanced is a 100% natural HGH releaser which is a bit more expensive than other HGH supplements but has received a lot of positive feedback from it’s users.

A few of it’s high quality ingredients include: Bovine Colustrum, GABA, Astragalus,
L-5-HTP and many more.

According to the manufacturer these HGH releaser pills have no known side effects and the product is backed up with a SIX months money back guarantee.

Visit the Official HGH Advanced Website here


GenFX is a dietary supplement known as an “HGH releaser” that consists of herbal, plant- and animal-derived constituents and amino acids.

The manufacturer states that this product utilizes 100% natural ingredients that should stimulate the body to produce HGH naturally.

The price of GenFX is very reasonable compared to other similar products and there can be found many satisfied customer reviews on the net.

Visit the Official GenFX Website here